Thursday, June 10, 2010

3/4 of the way there

Moving company....CHECK!!!!!

Whew!...ok so after all that...what's next? Packing. Oh jeez. Why can't I be Samatha the Witch? All I'd have to do is wriggle my nose and's done. Yeah, life isn't that easy. After this moving sale is done I can concentrate on packing boxes and crates and totes. I also have to decide what is going into the car for the drive up there with two neurotic cats.

I've been debating on how many hours I want to drive a day...I need to beat the truck up there, but I also need to clean the house I'm leaving too. I don't have a set date on the truck, either the 25th or 26th they'll be here..and I need to check out on the 27th and get up there before the truck does. There is no time to clean here...unless I get the carpet people here on the 27th in the a.m....early...and get the bathroom and kitchen cleaners in on the 26th...that could work. Sigh. Remind me why I can't be Samantha again?

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