Thursday, June 3, 2010

Getting Started

Well, I accepted a position at Central Middle School in Devils Lake, ND. I will be teaching 6th grade science integrating reading and writing into the curriculum. I am really excited and nervous at the same time. So let me talk about the interview today. First of all I had the time totally wrong. I thought 10 am central time, would be 9 am my I got up at 7:48 to putz around the house before they call. At 8:01am I got a phone call from a ND number. I thought 'what are the odds that I had the wrong time?' Sure enough it was them and off we went. It was a good thing I had already gotten a glass of water because I needed the water throughout the interview. The questions were the usual ones that I was expecting and I tried to give the best, truthful and concise answers I could.

I asked my own questions and was really impressed with what I was hearing about the school and what the plans were. I was starting to feel better about this prospect. You see, before they called I was really hoping that Alaksa would call for an interview, because the thought of moving to Alaksa even for a year was exciting. But things were looking up for DL. He explained (the principal) that there was another interview on Monday that they were doing and that he would let me know Monday at the latest whether or not they were going to offer me the position. So after signing off with him, I called mom to tell her all about it and to spill the beans about the connection between him and her.

Turns out that his grandmother was the woman who started Fort Totten Little Theatre where my parents met, just outside DL. And it turned out that mom had spent a summer in her house and babysat the her kids. This was my new principals father! Small world. Well, dad did graduate from DL, and of course him and mom and the theatre go way back so there's bound to be these encounters.

So anyway, I only talked to mom for about 7 or 8 minutes and hung up. No sooner had I hung up the phone than it rang again. It was a ND number and I was surprised to find out it was the principal again. He said he had a few more questions and if I had a few minutes. He then informed me that he was offering me the position. I was stunned. I remember saying, 'Wow, I didn't expect an answer this soon.' The vice-princial's response was 'You wowed us!' I didn't know what to say except thank you.

I told them that I wanted to think about it, mainly to call around and see what the housing situation was like. DL is a small town. I was hoping that something would be available to me. I spent the next 4 hours on the phone calling all the apartment complexes I could find, and then hotels and motels. There are NO apts. available for a person with 2 cats. But there are some motels that do weekly/monthly rates. I may have to go that route for awhile.

I have decided to accept the position on friday morning. Why wait? I know that its a good opportunity, and close to family, and in the lower 48! Now, my stress is where to live...this is going to be fun. Sigh. I'll be burning up the phone lines again tomorrow.

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