Monday, June 7, 2010

I do? or They do?

Ok, so I have the job....have people looking for the place to live, but I need to nail down the "how" of the move. So the question I do the moving (uhaul) or do I have a company do it for me (mayflower, etc)?

I like the idea of someone else coming and loading the truck, and driving it up there. That way I can concentrate on getting me and the cats up there in one piece and I'm not pulling the car behind me. Downside? Cost...its more....several hundred more...but is it worth it?

Or, I could do the same thing that I did to get down here to a truck and pull the car. The difference? coming down here I had someone else with me. So when I had to unhitch the car for whatever reason, it was a lot easier...also I only had one cat that I have two and one of them is neurotic! At least he stresses out easily. Sigh.

Tomorrow, getting more estimates from the moving companies...I will need to make a decision soon.

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