Friday, July 30, 2010

The Trip

OK!!! We've made it in one piece!! We've hardly slept! We are googly eyed and wired on caffine the crash is fast approaching. The trip up to North Dakota was pretty uneventful. Lots of scenery, animal life in the form of road kill, and then flat lands. Keri and I took turns driving. About 4am the first night, neither of us could drive anymore so we pulled over, locked the doors and fell asleep for a few hours. Next morning, we hauled butt to ND. We stopped only to use facilities, get out stretch our legs, eat or water the cats. And speaking of the cats...surprise of the century...Copper was an excellent traveling companion! Only making noises for the first little bit of the trip befire settling down. Bu evening, I no longer needed to give him the calming liguid. Goose...well...he wasn't noisy...just silent...too silent. He refused to eat or more importantly drink water..forcing mommy (me) to use a dropper to get some down his throat so he wouldn't get the way, he has fully recovered and back to his ornery self. Just after 1 am...we pulled into Devils Lake, found the apartment, unloaded the car and collapsed onto our air mattresses.

This is where the drama starts...and it is late, and there is so much that happened after, I am not ready to write about it will come later..but know that we are all safe, I have my furniture now and am in the process of unpacking boxes. More later!

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