Sunday, August 15, 2010


So how's this for timing? I call Progressive on Wednesday night to switch over my policy from AZ to ND... and what do you think happens the VERY NEXT DAY? You guessed it! I was hit. Here I am sitting in the parking lot at school waiting to go into a place, when the back end of my car suddenly moves the opposite way!...huh? So I look behind me and all I see is the back end of a huge pickup that has just slammed into me.

So I get out, she gets out...we survey the damage...hmmm...a 4 ton pickup vs. a chevy malibu...yeah guess who had ALL the damage? Yep! Me! So we exchange the appropriate materials and go on our way. Progressive is coming out tomorrow to see the damage and get me started with the..."here are your options" part.

Countdown to school starting....9 days...and counting.

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  1. Oh no! I hope you get back what you need in order to get it fixed! I can commiserate. My truck decided to start making a funny clutch I am also without vehicle for a few days. Broke until pay day....AGAIN! - Heather