Saturday, September 25, 2010


It's a beautiful fall day. The trees are changing into their fall colors, the breeze is cool and crisp. It was perfect for a morning walk around my sleepy Saturday morning neighborhood.

I ask myself, how?...How did I ever leave this? Why?...When this is the first place in over 10 years that I have Why, did I ever leave this? I have so much to make up for. I have spent more time roaming around the town and getting involved with the activities surrounding me, then I ever have in Arizona.

I went to a pee wee/ JV football game today. My students, my boys, asked me...Ms. Peterson will you come to my game on Saturday? Me...I felt so honored that they wanted me there. So of course I went! And even though, they had that 6th grader look of "o jeez, there's Ms. Peterson." and they hang their heads when I waved...I looked and sure enough, there was a smile on their face. And after the game when I went to tell them good game! and congrats! They smiled and said "see you on Monday!"

Now, I ask you....where the hell would that have happened in AZ? It wouldn't have! I walk down the street and people stop their cars, How yah doing?! In the grocery store, it takes me one hour to buy one item, because I have parents that stop and chit chat. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

This is home. This is where I belong. This

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