Monday, September 6, 2010

The Big Fish Story...

It was a windy day at the lake, the cool fall breezes whipping my hair around my face. As I help to get the creaky pontoon into the water, I wonder at what the day will bring...and then I wonder "gosh, I hope I don't fall in." I sit in the cushioned chairs and allow myself to relax as we tour around the lake near my uncle's cabin. I am totally relaxed. Suddenly, the fishing rods are brought out and my excitement kicks up a notch. I hadn't been fishing in years and I missed it something fierce. Lynee went first on one side of the boat, her husband,my cousin, on the other side. After several minutes of nothing, we pulled up the lines and headed to a different spot. There I took a turn. I admit, I was a bit nervous. I had never fished without bait before and certainly had never troll fished before. What do I do? Just let out the line? Let it trail behind the boat? What if it got caught in the propeller? What if I let it out too much, or not enough? I really didn't want to make a fool of myself.

So a little at a time, I let it out...then slowly reeled it back in a bit. Suddenly, I felt a hard jerk on the line. This was it! I pulled and started to reel it pulled on me and I struggled to hold onto the pole. Then I spotted the line, and looked across the boat to my cousins line, which was....hooked to mine. I had caught my cousin! I laughed thinking well, I caught something! For several minutes we tried to disentangle the lines. They were caught pretty good together. Finally, his came loose and I started to reel my line back in again.

I thought it a bit odd that my line was taut and a little heavy. I figured I had caught some weeds and they were pulling me. I had to flip over the pole a few times after drifting while trying to disentangle the lines. I continued to reel it in, when I realized that it wasn't just a pull from weeds I was feeling...that line was fighting back! HUH? Fighting back...but that means...O CRAP! "Uncle Ron, I think I have something." Reeling it in faster now, I struggled to maintain my hold on the pole, pushing the end into my stomach to anchor it and get a better grip.

Up popped a head from the water. A northern! Cool! I had just told CJ my northern story from when I was a kid, this was the first one I had caught since then! As I got him closer to the boat, we all stared in shock at the enormous size of this fish on the other end. I pulled him into the net as the guys pulled him aboard. We all sat in shock as we stared at this massive monster that had been pulled from the depths. I was stunned. Did I really just catch that thing? Me? The biggest fish I ever caught was a 2 pound trout! This monster must be at least 8 or 9 pounds! Wow.

After the shock, we took bets on the weight. I still couldn't believe that I had caught this huge fish. Secretly I was really happy about it. I wanted to show my uncle that I could be a good fisherman/hunter. I wanted him to see that I could pull my weight. This is a hunting family and I want in on that. This was a good start. We got it back and it was weighed...10.25 pounds. Wow. The filets off that fish are huge. I'm going to make one of them for dinner tomorrow. I'll post the recipe and results.

Oh, and it wasn't a northern like originally thought...turns out it was a muskie. The red coloring gave us pause to think and I looked it up when we got back. And Uncle Ron won the bet...not to mention the poker game later that night.

So, now I have a new fish story and this time, I got to bring home the fish involved.

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