Tuesday, June 28, 2011

DIY-Watermelon Jelly

Whew!...okay this was definately an adventure...and I learned a few things on the way..

For my first batch, I followed the recipe to a "T". Even after a consulting phone call to my mother, the canning guru. After pureeing the watermelon, there was a little over 2 cups and the recipe was approximate, so I figured I was ok there...it turned out beautifully. Gorgeous color, and it tastes fantastic!

So, since I didn't use all the watermelon, I decided to do another batch. Now, I had bought seedless watermelons......yeah right....and for the first batch I was able to harvest the watermelon meat without seeds, but this next batch, there were all those little white seeds...the ones that aren't quite seeds but are seeds nonetheless....the seed wannabes...I figured I would strain this batch. I dumped it into the blender and pureed away...I ended up with about 4 cups...twice the amount on the recipe..

Now, a smart person, or at least one who has canned more than two times in their lives, would say..hmmm...maybe I should break this into two seperate batches...but me...NAW...I'll double the recipe...its all good.....*shakes head in despair*....oops...I forgot that when you add sugar... the mix doubles in size...so overall...it didn't really set well, it boiled over and I have now lots of watermelon freezer jelly from that batch...lesson learned.Not to mention a lovely cleanup job on the stove to do.

What do I want to tackle next?....pickles!!!!

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