Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Freezers and Ants

Ok, whats the deal here??? Maybe you all remember that I am in a 3rd story apartment? So how in the world are there ants in the windows???? I can't open my windows because there are these HUGE ants...and they have WINGS!!! in between the window and the screen....HUH???!!!!!! I figured I contained the suckers in the window, since I can't call the maintenance man until tomorrow...but NOOOOOOOO!!!!! I am minding my own buisness....on the toilet....I know lovely picture huh?...and what do I see???!!!! Yeppers...two ants come crawling on the walls!!! Oh for Petes sake!!!! Sigh...I just cleaned the bathroom...there's nothing sweet in there...where the hell are they coming from??!!!

So, I attacked the kitchen...since I've been doing some canning in the past few days, I figured that it needed more than a cursory swipe to get all the sticky sweetness off counters and such...Well, since that was behind me...I walked into the pantry and stared at my's freezer...

Here's the back story...I traded my BIG freezer...for mom's SMALLER freezer before moving up here because of space...BEFORE this trade occurred...I CLEANED the inside of MY was spotless when we traded....hers....not so much....

It still had standing water in it that had started to mold and there was dirt caked on the bottom and a word it was DISGUSTING!!! Sorry mom, but it was...yeech... LOVE YOU MOM!!!!!!!

Fast forward to my ant infested night and subsequent cleaning frenzy....out comes the bleach...and other cleaners and I spend the next 30 minutes standing on my get to the bottom of this thing and now it sparkles like a vampire in the sunlight!

The only thing I really want to do now is vacuum and I can't....apartment remember...we have a policy that no vacuums will be used after 10 I have to wait until tomorrow morning to do that.

I can say this for this ant ain't cockroaches...I'm ok with that...don't like it...but I can live with it...

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